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Our boutique Boston-based organizational development firm specializes in optimizing Team Performance starting at the leadership level. As we’ve learned, top decision makers must first role-model a high level of teamwork before they can expect the organization to adopt a team mindset. Next, we cascade our learning programs to the manager level, supervisory level and beyond. We can also engage your clients and vendor-suppliers for a seamless delivery process. How do we do this? We get everyone on the same page by engaging them in learning experiences focused on our IP, SMART Conversations®. First, we lay a foundation for trust and respect to grow, then you watch your relationships soar. When workplaces work from the same playbook, have the same positive mindset and a culture of dignity, respect and trust, everything is possible. We believe the important work starts with the individual, and it makes the biggest impact at the team level. That’s why we’ve focused our practice on creating harmonious relationships among team members, so they can listen to each other, think together, collaborate and keep one another accountable, the key to high performing teams and actionable results. For more information… Please contact us at 617-413-4291 or powerful, proven learning programs, all available online, e-learning arms you, your team and organization with the skills needed for behavior transformation and to create inclusive high-performance cultures. Cultures that bring people together and drive business results. Our goal: to provide you with first-class e-learning experiences starting with SMART Conversations®, the platform for all of our coursework. Our interactive courses, complete with audios, videos and journaling opportunities, will help you, your team and organization optimize interpersonal, written and spoken communications skills, so that everyone delivers on the organization's core values and goals within an inclusive high-performance culture. Now, pack your virtual bags and let’s get started on your e-learning journey to building the essential skills that will catapult your career.

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